7 steps in the production process of PE coated pp woven bags

7 steps in the production process of PE coated pp woven bags

15:43 - 27/09/2021

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The manufacturing process of pp woven bags must incorporate a standard formula for each type, each of different qualities, to be applied to the specific products packed inside.

The Polypropylene woven bags manufacturing process is a complex process in a series of different stages to create a complete pp woven bag, which helps the packaging to protect specific products, while increasing the brand presence mark on the packaging surface. 

The Polypropylene woven bags manufacturing process is provided by Huong Sen Packaging Company Limited, mass-produced pp woven bags and brought to the market as quickly as possible are the strengths of our business.

1, Create thread for weaving
Polypropylene virgin plastic beads with additives mixed in a certain ratio are loaded into the hopper of the fiber forming device, heated to melt, and the liquid plastic exits the mold mouth to be adjusted according to the thickness of the technical standards. .
Next, the plastic film is formed through the cooling system and fed to the cutter shaft to cut into polypropylene thread. The thread has to go through a heater to stabilize the yarn and then send it to a winding machine to spin the polypropylene yarn.

Polypropylene woven bags manufacturing process, Huong Sen Packaging Company LimitedHuong Sen Packaging Company Limited

2, The process of weaving polypropylene fabric:
The polypropylene yarn shuttles are put through a loom system, including 6 woven shuttles, the weft and longitudinal knitting threads form a fabric tube and then roll into a PP fabric roll.

3, PE Coated on PP fabric:
The newly formed PP fabric roll will be passed through a film coating machine to coat PE plastic with a standard thickness of 30gr/m2.

4, Printing PP plastic packaging:
The PP fabric roll just coated in stage 3 is put through the printer, printed by flexographic printing technology based on the approved design with the customer through a printing mold made of polymer or rubber material.

5, Cutting and forming stage:
PP woven sheets will go through an automatic sewing machine system, the bottom will be folded up and have 1 or two very strong stitches, at which the woven pp bag has temporarily returned. into its formal form through the creative design required by the customer.

6, Sewing or sealing stage, PE cage if any and finished to become a finished pp woven bag: Sewing pp woven packaging, PE bag if required by the customer.
The packaging just cut from stage 5 is sewn in the form of folding the bottom end, the other end is left open for the customer to close the product, the mouth of the woven pp bag will be folded, bordered with thread or heat. , the purpose is to open easily when packing. Depending on the characteristics of each product, an additional PE bag cage process may arise to increase the absolute warmth and waterproofness of the contained product.

7, Quality control and packing:
Finished packaging will be carefully checked by the quality control team for the specifications, bearing capacity, quality required by the customer in the agreed contract and carefully packed before shipping to the customer.

All production and management processing are complied with and under: BRC Certificate (by SGS Switzerland), ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System, Certificate of Food Safety Condition issued by Food Administration of Thai Binh Province. Producing eco-friendly Polypropylene woven bags by Huong Sen Packaging Company Limited (with the Polypropylene woven bags manufacturing process) is the perfect choice for smart and responsible businesses.





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