PP Woven Bags Suppliers in Lithuania

PP Woven Bags Suppliers in Lithuania

14:44 - 25/01/2022

Where is the most prestigious manufacturer of pp woven sacks located?
Polypropylene woven Sandbags for what, why use sandbags?
The safest solution for packaging and preserving goods during transportation and storage in warehouses
Woven Polypropylene Sacks
Rising oil prices could affect thousands of products, including polypropylene sacks

Strong PP Woven Bags used to pack corn, rice, sugar, salt, sand, cereals grain, grass, straw, garbage, metal, minerals, stone, coal, firewood, fertilizer, chemicals etc.

Huong Sen Packaging Company Limited has been regularly producing very large orders of pp woven bags for customers who are PP Woven Bags Suppliers in Lithuania, Europe with very reasonable prices, high quality and very stable.


Polypropylene Woven Sacks, Polypropylene Woven Bags Manufacturer is proud to be one of the members of Huong Sen Group JCS since 1981 who is one of the biggest group Vietnam that has been manufacturing and supplying various kinds of products and dealing with many business areas.

PP Woven Bags Suppliers in Lithuania, Huong Sen Packaging Company Limited
PP Woven Bags Suppliers in Lithuania  

We supply high quality, stable pp woven bags throughout the markets of Lithuania, Europe, committed to customer support service and unchanged product quality. Bring you satisfaction, long-term cooperation.


The size of the bags we can make from 30cm to 100cms tubular form, with gussets or with colored stripes for 5kg bag, 10kg bag, 15kg bag, 20kg bag, 25kg bag, 30kg bag, 35kg bag, 40kg bag, 45kg bag, 50kg bag until 100kg bag.

PP Woven Bags Suppliers in Lithuania are very knowledgeable about the market, they have great relationships, have longstanding customers, as they offer the ultimate in woven pp bag packaging solutions, Cost effective for businesses.


We have a good staff, a lot of long-term experience in producing polypropylene woven bags. We have built the most efficient, streamlined, quality control pp woven bags production process with the certification of the competent authorities.


Therefore, customers are very supportive and always assured of our professionalism and hospitality.
With enthusiasm in work, enthusiasm for work, love for the factory company, we have been providing the Lithuania, Europe market with pp woven bags at the most reasonable price, cheap, but always high quality, at the forefront.


The European Lithuania market is a market with great potential and growth for the use of pp woven bags for agriculture and minerals.We are currently exporting large quantities of pp woven bags to Lithuania, Europe.


All production and management processing are complied with and under: BRC Certificate (by SGS Switzerland), ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System, Certificate of Food Safety Condition issued by Food Administration of Thai Binh Province. Therefore, the reason why Huong Sen' PP Woven Bags is the correct choice for ethical-conscious buyers. Producing eco-friendly Polypropylene woven bags by Huong Sen Packaging Company Limited is the perfect choice for smart and responsible businesses.