Pp woven bags

Pp woven bags

17:20 - 25/11/2020

Where is the most prestigious manufacturer of pp woven sacks located?
Polypropylene woven Sandbags for what, why use sandbags?
The safest solution for packaging and preserving goods during transportation and storage in warehouses
Woven Polypropylene Sacks
Rising oil prices could affect thousands of products, including polypropylene sacks

Pp woven bags or Polypropylene woven bags/sacks are made from Polypropylene resin.

Pp woven bags have the advantages of lighter weight, economy, higher strength, better corrosion resistance, tear resistance and easy to customize. Their demand has exponentially increased in recent times.We manufacture and supply custom designed PP woven bags, PP woven sacks for customised size, type and colors as per customer’s required specifications.

pp woven bags

Pp woven bags

Pp woven bags without lamination, Pp woven bags without coating, Pp woven bags without PE liner or Pp woven bags with lamination, Pp woven bags with coating, Pp woven bags with PE liner sewn at top and loose at the bottom or sewn both with top and bottom, depending on the requirements from customers we can design and produce the bags suitable to each demand of each customer for how to using the bags.

We can produce the bags from 100% virgin material without canxi carbonate such as transparent Pp woven bags, clear woven sacks or 100% recycled material bags in all colors from white, black, green, blue yellow, red, pink color, mixed colors or any colors.

The mesh 8x8, 9x9,10x10,11x11,12x12 with Denier from 550Denier, with ultra sonic top hemmed, or heat cut or cold cut top, one single folded single stitch at the bottom or one single folded double stitch at the bottom or double folded single stitch at the bottom.

The printing from 1 color to 9 colors with flexo printing or cylinder printing if laminated with BOPP film.

The size of the bags we can make from 30cm to 100cms tubular form, with gussets or with colored stripes for 5kg bag, 10kg bag, 15kg bag, 20kg bag, 25kg bag, 30kg bag, 35kg bag, 40kg bag, 45kg bag, 50kg bag until 100kg bag.

We can make the printing on the gussets, anti-skid printing/diamond printing on the backside of the bags in white or transparent/clear ink color.

Packing flat 500pcs/Bale or 1,000pcs/Bale or flat 5,000pcs/Pallet for automatic packing machines.