Heavy duty woven PP bags

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Heavy Duty Woven PP Bags: The Perfect Solution for Bulk Product Packaging

Are you in need of reliable and durable packaging for your bulk products? Look no further! HUONG SEN PACKAGING COMPANY LIMITED is the global market leader in woven polypropylene (PP) bags, providing top-notch solutions for your packaging needs.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we offer a wide range of Heavy duty woven PP bag that are designed to transport and store various bulk products.

Why Choose Heavy duty woven PP bags?

Heavy duty woven PP bags have gained immense popularity due to their exceptional qualities. These bags are the ideal choice for transporting and storing a wide range of bulk products, including sugar, rice, animal feeds, flour, malt, and coal. Their sturdy construction ensures that your products remain safe and protected throughout the entire journey.

Moreover, our woven PP bags are not only functional but also visually appealing. We take pride in offering bags with BOPP photo quality printing, making them perfect for marketing purposes as well. With our high-quality printing, you can showcase your brand and attract customers’ attention, ultimately boosting your sales.

1.100% virgin pp material, safe and environmental friendly, no odor.

2.Advanced equipment and excellent weaving technology, making fabric with high- density, good toughness and strength.

3.Uniform cutting, no broken yarn, orderliness smooth.

4.Mechanical packaging, professional and neatly.

5.Mechanical integrated cutting and sewing technology, making neater cutting and tighter sealing.

6.Sewing with thick thread, even and tight stitching, improving bearing force, leak proof ness and resistance to pressure.

7.The bag opening can be choose hemmed with vent or valve, thermally cut, cold cut or fold and sewn for a smooth edge.

8.According to the demand can choose traditional horizontal cutting and wavy cutting.

9.According to the demand can choose single folded and stitched, single folded-double stitched, double folded-single stitched, double folded-double stitched bottom.

10.According to the needs of customers customized printing.

11.The use of advanced printing technology, high-definition, strong adhesion.

12.200 tons capacity per month.

Advantages of Choosing Us:

Heavy duty woven PP bags

  • Certified BRC Factory:

Our manufacturing facility is certified as suitable for food-contact packaging, meeting the highest standards of safety and hygiene. You can trust that our bags are safe for packaging food products.

  • Flat Packing Technology:

We understand the importance of efficient packaging processes. That’s why our bags are flat packed in bales, making them compatible with automatic packing machines. This technology ensures smooth and hassle-free packaging operations, saving you time and effort.

  • Tailored to Your Needs:

With our deep market understanding and extensive experience, we can produce woven PP bags in various sizes and constructions to meet your specific requirements. Our bags offer consistent sizes, excellent strength, and stable quality, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

  • Unbeatable Quality at Reasonable Prices:

At HUONG SEN PACKAGING COMPANY LIMITED, we believe in providing the best quality products at competitive prices. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive reliable packaging solutions without compromising your budget.

  • The experienced packaging printing process, Professional technical staff and experienced management personnel,
    Personalized and customized to enhance the brand value, Customized materials, sizes, shapes, patterns, and packaging processes on demand.
  • Professional design team, Free design for customers, innovative design concept.
    Standard professional production equipment, Perfect production standards, strict processing process, on-time delivery.
    Competitive pricing, Our rolled films are priced 10%-20% lower than peers while maintaining quality

Heavy duty woven PP bags

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