Plastic Flexible

Plastic Flexible
Plastic Flexible


Plastic Flexible Packaging Products is a means of packaging products through the use of non-rigid materials, which allow for more economical and customizable options. It is a relatively new method in the packaging market and has grown popular due to its high efficiency and cost-effective nature.

With long experience in producing and supplying plastic packaging products for years,

We offer a wide range of Flexible Packaging Products that are applicable to a variety of markets.

Our wide range of Flexible Plastic Packaging Products are manufactured in-house, so we control all aspects of quality and functionality. We can customize flexible packaging bags to fit your brand and product, helping you achieve your creative branding and deepen the user’s visual hammering concept.

Our team of bag manufacturing experts are adept at combining your product and brand to understand your packaging needs and translate them into Flexible Plastic Packaging Products . They are tailored to your needs and unique. We use only high quality plastic materials, and printing processes to ensure that our flexible packaging bags and pouches are the best on the market.

Our color printed and laminated packing films and bags are regarded as first -class in Vietnam packing industry.

Our products include:

Vacuum pouches, aluminum foil bags, coffee bags, automatic sealing bags, stand-up zipper pouches.

Retort pouches, high barrier bags, antistatic bags, rice packing, bread bags.

Milk packaging films, sauce films and BOPP films, wrapping films… and various color printed, multi-layer laminated plastic packaging.

We are committed to providing our customers innovative packaging solutions with purpose through functional, value-added features, delivering powerful retail impact through high quality, integrity, and shelf presence.

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