SoyBean PP woven Bags

SoyBean PP woven Bags
SoyBean PP woven Bags


HUONG SEN PACKAGING COMPANY LIMITED is one of the Leading Manufacturers of PP woven Bags in Vietnam who is certified and operated under the ISO 9001-2015 and BRC standards.

With deep, professional market understanding and long experience, we can produce various sizes and constructions as the customers’ requirements. Our soybean pp woven bags have consistent sizes, good strength and stable quality.


One of our advantages is the flat packing in bales for automatic packing machines which is very important and necessary for the modern packing technology.

PP woven Bags Animal Feed Bags are produced by polypropylene tapes. They are tough, breathable, cost effective as their strength and durability.

They are ideally suited for packaging agricultural products like grains, pulses, seeds, nuts and sugar as well as the products as diverse as sand, fodder, chemicals, cement, metal parts, fertilizer, animal feeds…

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of bag options for each application. PP woven Bags is coated or laminated with BOPP film and bags with liners are ideal for packaging products to avoid the leaking.

They also help to protect the integrity of your products by avoiding contamination and reducing the release or absorption of humidity for the products inside.

BRC Leading Manufacturer of Polypropylene woven Bag, PP Sack, SoyBean PP woven Bags

Manufacturer Vietnam, Canada, Philippines, USA, UK, Belgium, Greece, Africa, Angola, Germany, Chile, Spain, Turkey, India, China, France, Russia, Cambodia, Singapore, Australia, Republic of Cyprus, Holland, New Zealand, Guinea, United State, Malaysia, Thailand, Hungary, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Columbia

SoyBean PP woven Bags

SPECIFICATIONS of Soybean PP woven Bags

We can make the bags as per requirements’ from customers (custom designed) for them:

  1. Mesh 8×8, 9×9, 10×10,11×11, 12×12.
  2. Flat weaving, tight weaving or anti-skid weaving, with or without UV treatment.
  3. Top heat cut, top cold cut, top ultra sonic hemming, valve top.
  4. Bags with PE liner or without PE liner.
  5. Bags coated or laminated with BOPP film (BOPP Bags).
  6. Bags with gussets (M type) or tube shape.
  7. Bags with holes or micro-perforated or macro-perforated for breathe.
  8. Bags with printing on 2 sides and/or on the gussets with 9 colors.
  9. Bags with tie string or rope inside the hemmed top.
  10. Bags with anti-skid printing/ diamond coating.
  11. Bags with handle or without handle.
  12. Bags with EZ open/ easy open.
  13. Available in any colors or transparent color.


We offer several types of packing to meet your specific requests. You can choose from PP Woven fabric with PP strappings-on or off pallet, paper box only, paper box on pallet, small bundle in PE bag contained in paper box. Our packaging team also can make a new packaging method for your special requirements.

– Simple Packaging in Bales:

PP woven fabric with pp rope this is quite often be used in our packaging, can low down your cost but achieve almost all of your requirements. In this big packaging we packing every 50pcs-100pcs per small bundle then packing bundles into a bigger bale.

– Packaging with Pallets:

We will put several bundles packaging on pallet with pp woven sheet outside, the packaging is steady. Pallet packaging is more high cost than simple packing and will waste space in container, but it is much easy for bulk moving or unlading, and the bags will keep more clean than simple packaging method. Suggest to high requirement food grade bags or need bulk moving.

– Packaging with Paper Boxes:

Paper box with PE bag packaging project is more expensive, often be used in packing shopping bags food grade products and other products need highly packaging requirement.

– Custom Packaging:

Custom packaging method is acceptable. Our packaging team will discuss with you and try our best to achieve your requirements.

We are look forward to discussing with your team to find the best solution for your products.

Please contact us now if you have any further questions or any enquiries about SoyBean PP woven Bags.


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