Kiểm soát chất lượng

quy trinh san xuat


Our products are widely appreciated by clients for their exceptional practicality and usability since they are designed in accordance with globally acknowledged quality standards.

We continue to develop and learn from best industry practices as well as fresh inductions and advances in good manufacturing standards.

HUONG SEN PACKAGING COMPANY LIMITED has a variety of standard operating practices in place that form the foundation of our operational excellence, paving the way for a comprehensive Quality Policy that spans practically all business disciplines.

Every bag and fabric we make is carefully examined by a technically competent individual from our quality control department to guarantee that the products we supply to our customers are of the best quality.

We believe, all phases in manufacturing are quality control procedures. This thought approach is successfully incorporated across our factory’s production operations. We undertake thorough inspections at every process phase on all manufacturing lines, benefiting our customers in terms of quality, safety and also the environment.

During the inspection step, we strive for zero flaws by employing cutting-edge testing machines.


At HUONG SEN PACKAGONG COMPANY LIMITED – We guarantee the degree of excellence of our products.

We keep a quality check on our production starting from the raw material to the dispatch of the finished product.

Our advance machinery and quality testing lab assures best quality product. 

Our skilled labors and technicians help us achieve efficiency and produce international quality products.

Further, the judicious use of superior grade of polymers and the use of superior processing technologies help us to produce best quality of our products.

Our factory is managed in a totally closed way with security team 24 hours a day, equipped with closed-circuit television monitoring system and automatic alarm device. To ensure safety in production for the all stages.