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BOPP woven laminated sack – We produce and export High Quality Products for Automatic Packing Machines that no Supplier can make!


HUONG SEN PACKAGING COMPANY LIMITED takes pride in being the leading manufacturer in Vietnam, specializing in the production of high-quality Polypropylene woven Bags, BOPP woven Bags, and PP woven bags with PE liner. With our unmatched expertise, we offer a range of exceptional products, including the popular BOPP woven laminated sack. Our commitment to excellence has made us the global market leader in woven polypropylene bags (WPP). Read on to discover why our BOPP woven laminated sacks are the ideal packaging solution for your needs.

Unparalleled Manufacturing Capabilities

As the top manufacturer in Vietnam, we possess the unique ability to produce flat Polypropylene woven Bags, BOPP woven Bags, and PP woven bags with PE liner in bales. This feature sets our products apart, making them compatible with automatic packing machines and baxmatic bagging machines. Our commitment to flatness ensures that the bags are efficiently packed, simplifying your packaging process and reducing the time required for bagging.

Superior Quality and Versatility

Our BOPP woven laminated sacks are designed to meet the highest quality standards, making them perfectly suitable for both transport and marketing purposes. These sacks offer exceptional durability and strength, ensuring that your products are well-protected during transportation. Additionally, our sacks can be customized with BOPP photo-quality printing, enhancing their visual appeal and promoting your brand effectively. Whether you need packaging for agricultural products such as grains, pulses, seeds, nuts, and sugar or for diverse items like sand, fodder, chemicals, cement, metal parts, fertilizer, or animal feeds, our Polypropylene woven Bags are the ideal solution.

Global Reach and Customer Satisfaction

We have established ourselves as a key player in the global market, with our PP woven sacks and BOPP laminated woven sacks being exported to numerous countries worldwide. Our main markets include the United States, Australia, and various European countries. Our clientele comprises major players in the food and grain industry, who trust us for our commitment to delivering high-quality products that meet their specific requirements. We are confident that our bags, characterized by their outstanding quality and reasonable pricing, can compete against any suppliers in the market.

The experienced packaging printing process, Professional technical staff and experienced management personnel,
Personalized and customized to enhance the brand value,Customized materials, sizes, shapes, patterns, and packaging processes on demand.
Professional design team,Free design for customers, innovative design concept.
Standard professional production equipment,Perfect production standards, strict processing process, on-time delivery.
Competitive pricing, Our rolled films are priced 10%-20% lower than peers while maintaining quality

Detailed Specifications BOPP woven laminated sack

We understand that every customer has unique packaging requirements. At HUONG SEN PACKAGING, we offer a wide range of customizable specifications to ensure that our BOPP woven laminated sacks align perfectly with your needs. Some of the specifications we provide include:

  1. Mesh: We offer various mesh sizes, including 8×8, 9×9, 10×10, 11×11, and 12×12. This allows you to select the appropriate mesh density for your specific application.
  2. Weaving Style: Our bags are available in flat weaving, tight weaving, or anti-skid weaving patterns. You can choose the style that best suits your requirements.
  3. UV Treatment: Depending on your needs, we can provide bags with or without UV treatment, ensuring optimal protection against UV radiation.
  4. Top Design: We offer different top designs, including top heat cut, top cold cut, top ultrasonic hemming, and valve top. You can select the top design that suits your preference and application.
  5. Liner Options: Our bags can be manufactured with or without a PE liner, providing an additional layer of protection for your products.
  6. Coating and Lamination: If desired, our bags can be coated or laminated with BOPP film, enhancing their strength and visual appeal.
  7. Gussets and Shape: We provide bags with gussets (M type) or tube shape,

BOPP woven laminated sack


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