Easy Open BOPP Sacks

Easy Open BOPP Sacks
Easy Open BOPP Sacks

Manufacturer & Exporter of Easy Open BOPP Sacks in Vietnam.

BOPP laminated woven bags (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Woven Bag, BOPP Bags, One side BOPP Bags) is a special variant of the poly woven bag. It includes BOPP film laminated with the Poly woven fabric/cloth. One of the main characteristics of the BOPP film is that it allows for detailed, vivid, high end, high quality graphics to be printed on the bag. BOPP Bags with high scratch resistant. The BOPP material is inherently water resistant due to the film and coating that protects your products inside and also greatly improves the strength of the Easy Open BOPP Sacks.

BOPP woven Bags can be used in packaging equipment to fully or semi automate your bagging lines. It has become increasingly popular over the years due to its ability to freely create sophisticated print designs to enhance your marketing campaigns.

Our Easy Open BOPP Sacks are superior in print quality and strength. This bag can be supplied in any of the optional special features below.

If you have special applications that require a custom bag, please kindly contact us, we can design for your needs.



  • Multi Color Custom Printing,
  • White, Colored or Clear/Transparent BOPP Bags,
  • Pillow or Gusseted Bags, Matte or Glossy BOPP film,
  • Easy Open Pull Strips, Coating/Lamination, Anti Slip Coating, Diamond printing,
  • Inner Poly Liners/ PE liner inside sewn at top and loose at the bottom,
  • Punched Out Handles, UV Treatment,
  • Food Grade with BRC certificate,
  • Micro Perforations, Custom Machine Holes, Macro Perforations
  • Polypropylene Packaging Bags weight less than traditional paper bags, which reduces freight costs,
  • Polypropylene Packaging Bags consume less space and will fit more unfilled bags on a truck, which increases storage space in warehouse,
  • Resistant to oil and grease.

Polypropylene Packaging Bags are widely used for packing:

  • Food Area: Sugar, Salt, Flour, Starch, Spices,
  • Agriculture Area: as Grains, Rice, Wheat, Corn, Seeds, Flour, Coffee Beans, Soybeans, Pulses, Corn flour, nuts, Sugar,
  • Feed: Pet Food, Pet Litter, Bird Seed, Grass Seed, Animal Feed.
  • Chemicals: Fertilizer, Chemical materials, Plastic resin.
  • Load Capacity: 5kgs,10kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg or as the customers’ requirements.
  • BOPP laminated woven bags Manufacturer & Exporter USA.
  • BOPP Bag Manufacturer Supplier Canada, USA, China, Vietnam, Turkey, Australia, Germany, Africa, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, India.
  • Easy Open BOPP Sacks


We offer several types of packing to meet your specific requests. You can choose from PP Woven fabric with PP strappings-on or off pallet, paper box only, paper box on pallet, small bundle in PE bag contained in paper box. Our packaging team also can make a new packaging method for your special requirements.

  • Simple Packaging in Bales: PP woven fabric with pp rope this is quite often be used in our packaging, can low down your cost but achieve almost all of your requirements. In this big packaging we packing every 50pcs-100pcs per small bundle then packing bundles into a bigger bale.
  • Packaging with Pallets: We will put several bundles packaging on pallet with pp woven sheet outside, the packaging is steady. Pallet packaging is more high cost than simple packing and will waste space in container, but it is much easy for bulk moving or unlading, and the bags will keep more clean than simple packaging method. Suggest to high requirement food grade bags or need bulk moving.
  • Packaging with Paper Boxes: Paper box with PE bag packaging project is more expensive, often be used in packing shopping bags food grade products and other products need highly packaging requirement.
  • Custom Packaging: Custom packaging method is acceptable. Our packaging team will discuss with you and try our best to achieve your requirements.

We are look forward to discussing with your team to find the best solution for your products.

Please contact us now if you have any further questions or any enquiries.


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