Bulk Bags
Bulk Bags


Bulk Bags also called Jumbo Bags or FIBC or Big Bags. It is a bag with a large size used for transporting dry materials. There are some standards for Jumbo Bags, they should be able to hold 700-1,000kg therefore they must be carried by machines through the transfer belt.

Consequently, the advantages of such bags are evident. It has an excellent weight carrying capabilities and is able to withstand harsh conditions with minimum possibility of breakage.

The cost of FIBCs is competitive with other forms of packaging as it is usually utilized without pallets. They are easy to store and handle in warehouses with standard equipment.

In recent years, Jumbo Bags have developed rapidly because of their convenience in filling, discharging, and handling. They are generally made of polyester fibers such as polypropylene.

Jumbo Bags can be widely used as packaging in chemical industry, building materials, plastics, minerals and other powder. They are also the ideal products for storage, transportation and other industries.

JUMBO BAG’s Specifications:

Material:100% Virgin Polypropylene
Loading Capacity:500-3,000Kgs
Color:Customized Color
Regular Size:85x85x90 cm, 90x90x100 cm,

95x95x110 cm, 90x90x120 cm

Fabric (gsm):145-230gsm for the Fabric
Construction:4-panel / U-panel / Circular / Tubular / Rectangular Shape
Top:Full open / Filling spout / With skirt cover (Top Spout, Top Skirt)
Bottom:Flat bottom / with discharge spout (Bottom Spout)
Loops:Cross corner loops / Side-seem loops /

Double Stevedore Loops or customized

Ropes:1 or 2 around the bag body, or customized
Characteristics:Breathable and airy, anti-static, conductive,

UV stabilization, reinforcement, dust-proof, moisture-proof

Applications:Cement, sand, mine, ore, fertilizer, chemical, copper,

potato & onion, grain (Wheat, maize, rice, peanut, etc.),

sugar & salt, agriculture, construction material


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