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In the modern industrial world, finding effective and economical packaging solutions is always one of the top priorities of businesses. One of the outstanding solutions today is FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), also known as large soft packaging. So what is FIBC and why is it so important?
FIBC, or bulk flexible packaging, is a type of packaging designed to contain and transport large volumes of goods. With a load capacity of several hundred to several thousand kilograms, FIBC has become an indispensable part of the packaging and shipping industry. The development of FIBC in the world has gone through many stages, from the initial simple designs to modern products with many superior features today. Currently, FIBC is widely used in many different industries such as agricultural products, chemicals, construction and food.
Using FIBC brings many benefits to businesses. First of all, it helps save transportation and storage costs thanks to its ability to accommodate large volumes of goods in a compact space. Second, FIBC protects goods from environmental influences such as moisture, dust, and sunlight. Finally, loading, unloading and transporting goods with FIBC also becomes easier thanks to its convenient design with sturdy lifting handles.
When it comes to choosing a reputable FIBC supplier, Huong Sen Packaging Company Limited is always the first name mentioned. With more than 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, Huong Sen Packaging has affirmed its position in the international market thanks to high and stable product quality. FIBC products from Huong Sen Packaging are made from high quality, environmentally friendly materials and have diverse designs suitable for many different types of goods.
The outstanding quality of FIBC products from Huong Sen Packaging lies not only in raw materials but also in modern production processes and strict quality control. The company’s team of experts and skilled workers always ensure that each product meets the highest standards before reaching customers.
Material:100% Virgin Polypropylene
Loading Capacity:500-3,000Kgs
Color:Customized Color
Regular Size:85x85x90 cm, 90x90x100 cm,

95x95x110 cm, 90x90x120 cm

Fabric (gsm):145-230gsm for the Fabric
Construction:4-panel / U-panel / Circular / Tubular / Rectangular Shape
Top:Full open / Filling spout / With skirt cover (Top Spout, Top Skirt)
Bottom:Flat bottom / with discharge spout (Bottom Spout)
Loops:Cross corner loops / Side-seem loops /

Double Stevedore Loops or customized

Ropes:1 or 2 around the bag body, or customized
Characteristics:Breathable and airy, anti-static, conductive,

UV stabilization, reinforcement, dust-proof, moisture-proof

Applications:Cement, sand, mine, ore, fertilizer, chemical, copper,

potato & onion, grain (Wheat, maize, rice, peanut, etc.),

sugar & salt, agriculture, construction material


Besides, reasonable price is also a strong point of Huong Sen Packaging. The company is committed to providing competitive prices suitable to business budgets along with flexible payment policies to provide maximum support to customers.
Perfect customer service is also a factor that helps Huong Sen Packaging score points in the eyes of partners. The company always ensures on-time delivery so as not to disrupt customers’ production and business progress. Furthermore, the customer support team is ready to serve 24 hours a day to resolve all questions promptly.
If you are looking for an effective packaging solution for your business, please contact Huong Sen Packaging Company Limited immediately to receive a free quote and consultation via phone number or email on the company’s official website. In particular, the company is having a special promotion with discounts or incentives for first orders or large orders.
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In short, using FIBC from Huong Sen Packaging Company Limited brings many benefits to your business such as saving transportation and storage costs, better protection for goods along with perfect customer service. Contact us today to experience the difference we bring!