PP woven Bags with HDPE Liner

PP woven Bags with HDPE Liner
PP woven Bags with HDPE Liner


PP woven bags with HDPE Liner: The Perfect Combination for Agricultural and Industrial Packaging

  1. In the modern context, packaging plays an important role not only in protecting products but also during transportation and storage. One of the most popular packaging solutions today is PP woven bags with HDPE Liner. This product not only brings high efficiency but also ensures sustainability, suitable for many different industries.
  2. Huong Sen Packaging Company Limited is one of the leading manufacturers in Vietnam of PP woven bags. With ISO 9001-2015 and BRC certification, the company is committed to providing customers with high quality and safe products. Huong Sen’s PP woven bags with HDPE Liner have been widely used in many fields such as agriculture, industry and food.
  3. PP woven bags with HDPE Liner are made from polypropylene tapes, which are highly durable, breathable and cost-effective. This is the ideal choice for packaging agricultural products such as grain, seeds, sugar as well as industrial products such as cement, fertilizer and animal feed. In particular, HDPE liners help prevent leaks and protect product integrity by minimizing moisture absorption and preventing contamination.
  4. One of the outstanding benefits of PP woven bags with HDPE Liner is the ability to customize a variety of sizes and designs according to customer requirements. Packaging may have BOPP coating or lamination to enhance water resistance. In addition, customers can also choose packaging with or without ventilation holes, multi-color printing on both sides or on folds to differentiate their brand.
  5. Not only that, Huong Sen Packaging Company Limited also offers many different packaging options to suit each customer’s specific needs. Packaging methods include simple packaging in bales, packaging on pallets or packaging in paper boxes. This helps optimize the product transportation and storage process in the most effective way.

Detailed specifications of PP woven Bags:

  • Mesh: 8×8 to 12×12
  • Weaving types: flat weave, tight weave or anti-slip weave
  • Bag cutting options: heat cutting, cold cutting, ultrasonic hemming

Different packaging methods:

  • Simple packaging in a case
  • Packed on pallets
  • Packed in paper box
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